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PETCOREPolyethylene Terephthalate Container Recycling Europe
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From a sustainability perspective, our industry is thrilled that last year the equivalent of around 56 percent of PET containers in circulation were collected for reclamation and recycling," commented Roberto Bertaggia, Chairman of Petcore Europe.
Casper van den Dungen, PET Chairman at PRE (Plastics Recyclers Europe) and a Board member of Petcore Europe, added there is still "considerable spare recycling capacity" to enable Europe to recycle more.
Last year Petcore published its "Guidelines and Test Protocols" for additives and barrier materials, which assesses the recycling properties of these technologies.
In light of its test results, Petcore has urged that oriented polystyrene (OPS) sleeves should be banned from the European PET bottle market.
According to Petcore, PET recycling processes in Europe differ from those in the United States and Japan.
Petcore, "PET Profile: Petcore Fact Sheet on Poly Ethylene Terephalate," Brussels (2011).
PETCORE is a nonprofit trade association headquartered in Brussels that focuses on the development of PET packaging, with a particular emphasis on PET recycling.
SurBond-E(TM) passed PETCORE's stringent testing, and PETCORE commented that "the proprietary Graham Packaging Company SurShot(TM) multilayer technology is uniquely different from other multilayer systems.