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And those shades of the other kind such as Baptiste with the shaven diplomatic face, the maitre d'hotel in charge of the petit salon, taking my hat and stick from me with a deferential remark: "Monsieur is not very often seen nowadays.
They also take place in the petit salon, but with the doors tightly closed, and with explicit directions to every one in the house that we are not to be disturbed.
Though the rent and the cleaning by the concierge would come to a little more, they would save on the petit dejeuner, which they could make themselves.
Well, in a couple of days I was known all over the palace and the Kremlin as 'le petit boyard.
Do you know, I really believe she is un petit peu amoureuse du jeune homme.
Tarzan was beginning to hope that, after all, the rumor might have been false, when suddenly Gernois was ordered to Bou Saada in the Petit Sahara far to the south.
Petit, was able to determine the existence of this second satellite and calculate its elements.
White has nothing but her petit minois chiffonne, and Mrs.
Just after breakfast he said to me in so many words, Je crois que Veslovsky fait un petit brin de cour a Kitty.
Whether there was something exceptional in Levin's face, or that Vassenka was himself conscious that ce petit brin de cour he was making was out of place in this family, but he was somewhat (as much as a young man in society can be) disconcerted at Levin's entrance.
To his right, beyond the toy-like jetties, he saw the green slopes framing the Petit Lac in all the marvellous banality of the picturesque made of painted cardboard, with the more distant stretch of water inanimate and shining like a piece of tin.
Petit - a World Cup winner with France and a key man in the Arsenal team that secured the League and FA Cup double in 1998 - labelled the loss in the Allianz Arena as a "slap in the face" for Arsene Wenger's men.