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High speed filling causes some of the petrol to evaporate (since it comes hot from the underground tank) and you are paying for the evaporation.
But this latest petrol price increase may also be a further sign that Libya is leaving the age of subsidies and the 'nanny state' and moving to the era of self reliant, free enterprise and market prices.
3p a litre more expensive than petrol in August, but that difference has nearly quadrupled in a month to 4.
Before releasing the petrol, the computer asks the motorists to key in how much petrol he or she wants.
He says bio-diesel is compatible to run in any diesel engine, and can be used in any mix with petrol diesel; it is also compatible with kerosene.
If you spend EUR40 in a selected Tesco store you get an extra five cent off a litre of petrol or diesel.
The Association said that the staff of the petrol pumps has been directed to supply diesel and petrol to the consumers according to their demand.
She said that consignment of 22 thousand metric tons of petrol of Pakistan Shell had arrived on January 11 last while another consignment of 28 thousand metric tons of petrol will be arriving on January 29.
We left our house at eighth in the morning for petrol but it is nowhere to be found, said a resident of Samanabad.
Asda, which reduced its petrol by 2p a litre last Saturday, knocked another 1p a litre off its petrol yesterday.
We couldn't be more excited to have Karl join the PETROL family as one of the most strategic thinkers in our industry, and we can't wait to get started on the next big thing.
I cannot take the risk of providing Gaza based petrol stations with their needs to the order of 150 million Shekels {Dh 150 million) and wait for a month or later to start collecting the money," said Foad Al Shobaky, who heads the General Directorate of Petroleum in Ramallah in an interview with Gulf News.