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PeTTPetronas Twin Towers (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
PETTPositron Emission Transaxial Tomography
PETTPortable Ethernet Transceiver Tester
PETTPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Toilets (Captain Underpants Club)
PETTPunahou Engineering and Technology Team (Honolulu, Hawaii)
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HEART BREAKER: Tom Pett nets Stevenage's late leveller at Yeovil
PC Pett, who was off duty at the time of the incident, had accused Pickford of lunging at him and attacking him but Pickford denied the accusation and said the policeman began punching him through the open window of his car.
Pickford denies attacking PC Pett and his father Michael Pett in the Litchard area of Bridgend - saying the policeman began punching him through the open window of his car.
Dave Mayor carded 71 (nett 62) on the first round, securing his place in the final group with Pett and Chris Harkin who both hit 70.
In this article, the thermal and rheological behaviors of the PETT copolymer were discussed by DSC, TG, and capillary rheometer.
Pett says the volumes involved are considerable, noting that to meet the guidelines of EU directives, such as 2003/30/E, Europe alone would have to produce 20 million tonnes of biofuels by 2010 -- a five-fold increase over current output.
Jim Bolger, trainer of Abigail Pett "She ran a good race at The Curragh first time out this season on heavy ground and she seems to be coming right, so I expect a good run from her.
The PETT System features a briefcasesize portable toilet with folding tripod legs, a 6 foot, 6-inch PUP tent for privacy and 15 WAG (Waste Alleviation & Gelling) bags that contain a bio-active, non-toxic gelling powder called Pooh-Powder.
In one December week, Pett points out, USA Today and the New York Times published different cartoons of someone holding Michael Jackson out of a window and shaking him.
Yet Rogers and Pett noted that the newspaper industry has set up a marketplace that encourages cartoonists to concentrate on national issues.
In Chapter 9 of O Lost Wolfe provides a detailed exploration of Will Pentland's family, including a harrowing tragicomic story centered on his wife, Pett, who, even though she has married into the clan, has many Pentland characteristics.
The way the PETT is designed makes it easy to transfer and dispose of waste," Schlie explains.