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PEVPolitique Européenne de Voisinage
PEVPartido Ecologista os Verdes (The Greens, Portuguese ecological party)
PEVPlug-in Electric Vehicle (transportation)
PEVPersonal Electric Vehicle (transportation device)
PEVPotenciales Evocados Visuales (Spanish: Visual Evoked Potentials; brain activity)
PEVPort Everglades (Florida)
PEVPrediction Error Variance
PeVPeta Electron Volt
PEVPortable Electric Vehicle
PEVPositive Effect Variegation
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beaucoup moins que] La nouvelle PEV prend en compte les voisins des voisins dans la mesure ou elle fait de la stabilisation sa premiere priorite politique [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il releve.
employers committed to providing PEV charging access to more than 1 million workers at hundreds of worksites around the country.
The event also featured new technology and programs that are available to California consumers and businesses to spur continued investment and growth in the PEV market.
The report describes best practices in state-sponsored PEV programs, including successful PEV buyer incentive programs, DC fast charging programs and PEV awareness initiatives that can serve as models for other states.
Young, whose company plays a key role in supplying and installing PEV charging stations across the country, outlined tax credits currently available to offset the cost of equipment and installation.
AeroVironment integrates Pacific Northwest National Laboratory technology into its EVSE-RS to enable grid-friendly PEV charging (Photo: Business Wire)
Another complicating factor in comparing PEVs to conventional cars is the time and place that PEV owners choose to charge their vehicles.
While its counterpart, vehicle-to-grid (V2G), requires many vehicles to be aggregated to provide a useful amount of power to support the grid, and is also limited by the extent that grid operators are incentivized to develop the market structures and technologies, even a single PEV can be of value to a commercial or residential building.
To address this, some businesses and institutions have begun installing PEV charging stations to provide support for their employees.
Outbreaks of PEV occurred all over the country, but Rift Valley Province, in the heart of Kenya, quickly became the focal point for much of it.
PEV holds over 30 pending and granted Exploration Permits for Coal located in Queensland's Bowen, Galilee, Surat and Clarence-Moreton basins.