PF-1Priming Fluid 1 (MIL-P-87173)
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Tenders are invited for Comprehensive AMC For Coach Guidance System, Provided At KTE PF-25, STA PF-1 ,DMO PF-1 ,NU PF-1,2 PPI PF-1 (Total 5 System) And Train Indication Display Boards Provided At KTE, SGO, DMO , JBP, REWA,SHR NU,PPI Stations For The Period Of 2 Years.
Previous products include the PF-1 and the PF-W, the software only version of the PASSaFAX.
Tenders are invited for (A) Electrification of 2 bays of PF shelter at AMBODOLA (one each on PF-1 and PF-2) and 01 Bay on PF No.