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PFDPersonal Flotation Device
PFDPrimary Flight Display
PFDPermanent Fund Dividend
PFDProposal for Decision (public utility proposal)
PFDProcess Flow Diagram
PFDPfund (German: Pounds)
PFDPower Flux Density (electrical engineering)
PFDPhase Frequency Detector (electronics)
PFDProposed Final Draft
PFDProbability of Failure on Demand
PFDPelvic Floor Dysfunction
PFDPhoenix Fire Department (Phoenix, AZ)
PFDPhiladelphia Fire Department
PFDPartners for Development (Silver Spring, MD)
PFDPrepared For Dyeing
PFDPublic Forum Debate
PFDPolyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia
PFDProgrammable Frequency Divider
PFDPrivolzhsky Federal District (Russia; aka Volga Region)
PFDPresent For Duty
PFDPortland Fire Department
PFDPersonal, Fatigue and Delay
PFDPhysical Facilities Department
PFDPhysical Fitness Diagnostic (US Air Force ROTC)
PFDPartido Fuerza Democrática (Democratic Force Party, Costa Rica)
PFDPartnerships for Finance and Development
PFDPhase Frequency Discriminator
PFDProcess Flow Design
PFDPartial Fractions Decomposition (calculus)
PFDProduction, Fielding/Deployment
PFDPreparation for Demonstration
PFDPresidio Fire Department
PFDPatron Fare Display
PFDPittsburgh Fire Department
PFDPassive Frequency Doubler
PFDPseudoinflammatory Fundus Dystrophy
PFDProbability-of-error Fault Detection
PFDPenticton Fire Department
PFDPromo-Femmes/Développement Sport (Burkina Faso)
PFDPolicy Formulation Division (DCAA)
PFDPlug Flow with Dispersion (environmental science)
PFDPlandome Fire Department (Plandome, NY)
PFDPuyallup Fire Department (Washington)
PFDProfit from Differences
PFDPropellant Fill Drain Valve
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The successful Applicant(s) will need to coordinate and work with the PFD, the IAFF and
Here is a breakdown of four of the most common PFD styles for paddlers:
However, "incorporation of the PFD patch into laser tattoo removal procedures may afford multiple benefits to the patient and provider, including increased efficiency, improved patient safety, fewer AEs associated with epidermal injury, and protection of the patient and provider from tissue splatter and laser plume," they concluded.
In addition, Rahma Al-Riyamy, Contracts Consultant at OAPFD expanded on this giving a more detailed overview of the Program's implementation in the Civil Sector with a focus on how In Country Value (ICV) and PFD complement each other and how activities under ICV play a role in discharging a PFD Obligation.
The PFD obligations apply to infrastructure and military or security equipment contracts in excess of RO5mn.
Speaking to reporters, Al Shanfari said that the implementation of the PFD Programme does not discourage investment.
In this paper, we analysed digital transfer characteristic of different dynamic PFD topologies.
PFD manufacturers are listening, and new technologies are developing that make the chunky lifejackets of yesteryear seem quaint, and downright uncomfortable.
A fairly robust conversation conducted by political philosophers and economists about the future of liberal-progressive economic programs surrounds the PFD.
So the PFD agreed to nearly $42 million, interest only, short-term notes bought in November 2008 by Piper Jaffray & Co.
But in the grand scheme of things, when you consider the impact on personal income, the PFD is not really that much money.