PFDAPhilippine Fisheries Development Authority
PFDAPupil Fair Dismissal Act
PFDAPacific Flyway Decoy Association
PFDAPyramidal Fly-Eye Detection Antenna
PFDAPlanar Folded Dipole Antenna
PFDAPhilm Freax Digital Archive
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PFHpA, PFOA et PFNA etaient les principaux composes detectes dans l'eau et la neige fondue alors que PFNA, PFDA et PFUnA etaient les composes predominants pour le biote aquatique, indiquant leur potentiel de bioaccumulation.
The modest scope of the 1906 PFDA was upgraded after more than thirty years, following the deaths caused by the solvent-tainted antibiotic Elixir Sulfanilamide.
From its PFDA account, each system makes authorized payments for ongoing administration and operations, including semiannual payments to the commissioner for deposit in the debt service fund held in the state treasury.
An equivalent mole of ODPA monomer was slowly added to an equivalent mole of PFDA dissolved in dry NMP with vigorous stirring in a glove box filled with dry nitrogen gas.
The tendencies were the strongest after exclusion of subjects with a history of an additional booster, and an approximately 25% decrease for each doubling in serum PFOA concentration at 13 y and a 24% decrease for each doubling in serum PFDA concentration at 7 y were both statistically significant.
The results indicated that concentrations of PFOS and PFOA were declining, whereas levels of PFCs with longer carbon chains such as PFNA and PFDA were increasing (Okada et al.
46) While the PFDA primarily regulated foods, it also provided limited oversight of drugs that were "adulterated" (by differing from applicable standards regarding their make-up) or "misbranded" (insofar as they deviated from the brand name and ingredients contained on the package label).
In the opinion of the PFDA, the Court's ruling clarified a number of key issues surrounding funeral pre-need sales in Pennsylvania and helped define the parameters of unlicensed activity.
The PLS regression also demonstrated an inverse relationship of several OCs, PFDA, and PFUnDA with the THs (Figure 1).
Funds raised by PFDA will be used to help grieving children, adolescents, and their families deal with the loss of a loved one at the center in Lemoyne.