PFDAPhilippine Fisheries Development Authority
PFDAPupil Fair Dismissal Act
PFDAPacific Flyway Decoy Association
PFDAPyramidal Fly-Eye Detection Antenna
PFDAPlanar Folded Dipole Antenna
PFDAPhilm Freax Digital Archive
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Data were acquired by tandem mass spectrometry using multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) at transitions, 499 > 99 for PFOS, 413 > 369 for PFOA, 299 > 99 for PFBS, 399 > 99 for PFHxS, 363 > 319 for PFHpA, 313 > 269 for PFHxA, 463 > 419 for PFNA, 513 > 469 for PFDA, 613 > 569 for PFDoA, 713 > 669 for PFTA.
The modest scope of the 1906 PFDA was upgraded after more than thirty years, following the deaths caused by the solvent-tainted antibiotic Elixir Sulfanilamide.
From its PFDA account, each system makes authorized payments for ongoing administration and operations, including semiannual payments to the commissioner for deposit in the debt service fund held in the state treasury.
PFOSA and Et-PFOSA-AcOH were detected in < 2% of samples; Me-PFOSA-AcOH was detected in 36%, and PFDA was detected in 14% of the samples.
An equivalent mole of ODPA monomer was slowly added to an equivalent mole of PFDA dissolved in dry NMP with vigorous stirring in a glove box filled with dry nitrogen gas.
Concentrations of total PFOS (n = 20), PFOA (n = 20), PFNA (n = 20), PFDA (n = 16), and PFHxS (n = 8) in maternal serum were always significantly higher (p < 0.
The PFDA believes it has always been within the purview of the Federal Trade Commission Regulations that anyone can provide a general price list to a consumer.
Pesticides detected in < 10% of: samples and PCBs and PFCs that we never detected are omitted from the tables (omitted chemicals are PFOS, PFHxA, PFHpA, PFNA, PFDA, PFOSA, PFDeS, PFDoA, [gamma]-HCH, [delta]-HCH, [epsilon]-HCH, o,p-DDT, o,p-DDE, aldrin, endrin, isodrin, [alpha]-endosulfan, [beta]-endosulfan, toxaphene-62, heptachlor, mirex, [gamma]-chlordane, trans-heptachlor, octachlorstyrene, and PCB-28).
During this testing time, the PFDA will also do field observation by taking drug samples and sending them to both the National Food and Drug Administration (NFDA) and the Examination and Appraisal Center for additional testing.
Funds raised by PFDA will be used to help grieving children, adolescents, and their families deal with the loss of a loved one at the center in Lemoyne.
The PFDA will then take a sample of the drug and send it to the National Biology Products Inspection Institute (NBPI) and the National Food and Drug Administration (NFDA) of the People's Republic of China for examination.