PFDJPeople's Front for Democracy and Justice (Eritrea)
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In September 2001, after several months in which a number of prominent PFDJ party members had publicly aired grievances against the government and in which they called for implementation of the constitution and the holding of elections, the government instituted a crackdown.
The resuscitation of a political movement at the base of the society, the PFDJ, will be critical to this in the long run, but the constitution-building process has offered an immediate opportunity for civic education that engages nearly the entire adult population.
While in government, the PFDJ has maintained its firm commitment to promoting non-sexist social relations, but with the military demobilization, many traditional gender roles, especially in the countryside, have resurfaced.
The new PFDJ aims to be a mass movement rather than a vanguard party, and is recruiting people to join based only on their professed agreement with the principles laid out at its founding last year.
PFDJ officials indicated that the party would hold its congress before the end of the year.
We see the PFDJ as any other private company, we don't discriminate.
Talks on dividing the assets of the EPLF between the PFDJ and the Eritrean Government are underway - and one of the issues under debate is the Red Sea Trading Corporation.
He made the remark at a meeting in the port city of Assab with Department Heads, sub-zonal Administrators and PFDJ Heads in the Southern Red Sea region, during which he noted the prevailing work enthusiasm among the Eritrean people as significant factor of the national development drive.
Woldemichael Abraha, called for integrated efforts on the part of local Administrations and PFDJ Heads as regards promoting effectiveness of public administration.
Tiumizgi Tesfai, Instructor, and Abdu Adem from the PFDJ office in the College said that further attention should be given to such activities as it inspires the youth s participation in State affairs.
The branch of the PFDJ in Germany conducted assessment meeting early this week in Manheim city.
Yemane Gebreab, Head of Political Affairs at the PFDJ, and the Eritrean Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mr.