PFEAPension Funding Equity Act
PFEAPolish Federation of Engineering Associations (est. 1835)
PFEAPublic Financial Enterprises Agency (Ethiopia)
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1], KPS, PFEA, and deionized water was dropped into the reactor in about 3 h.
Table 1: Recipe of semicontinuous emulsion copolymerization Ingredients Amount (g) Step 1 Step 2 MMA 15 5 n-BA 5 15 PFEA - Variable AA 0.
Effects of PFEA amount on the polymerization and surface property of the film
The effects of PFEA amount on the conversion and coagulation ratio is shown in Fig.
Figure 5 illustrates the influence of PFEA amount on the water contact angle and the water absorption of the latex film.
1], respectively, resulting that BA, MMA, and PFEA all contained [CH.
The thermogravimetric curves of the latex films with different amounts of PFEA are shown in Fig.
The term "insurance company," as defined by PFEA Section 2116(c), means any company more than 50% of the business of which during the tax year is the issuing of insurance or annuity contracts or the reinsuring of risks underwritten by insurance companies.