PFEPPilot Flame Establishing Period
PFEPPilot Fuel Enrichment Plant
PFEPPlan for Every Part
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To answer this question, in April 2015 at the 95th Annual American Association of Community College (AACC) meeting, NACCE held a breakfast in which 20 community college presidents gathered to learn about the results of the PFEP assessment, and to focus on three areas of challenge and how entrepreneurship could help them meet these challenges.
To date, the results of the environmental samples taken at FEP and PFEP (results are available for samples taken up to July 1, 2008 for FEP and up to April 20, 2008 for PFEP.
On October 26, 2008, Iran provided updated Design Information Questionnaires (DIQs) for FEP and PFEP.
Community college presidents who join the PFEP make five commitments:
The assessment clearly indicates that the PFEP has had and continues to have a significant impact in the way community colleges act and perceive themselves as entrepreneurially minded institutions.
NACCE launched the PFEP in 2011 in response to the White House-led Startup America's call to action to stimulate economic growth state by state by encouraging entrepreneurs to start businesses.
The assessment demonstrated that the PFEP is a valid indicator of an entrepreneurial culture and the increased probability that a college views itself as entrepreneurial in these ways:
The assessment also showed that the PFEP action steps having the greatest impact are: increase entrepreneurs' engagement in community colleges; leverage both community college and community assets to spur innovation and job creation; and create broad exposure of your college's commitment to entrepreneurship.
That the results of a physical inventory verification (PIV) carried out by the Agency at PFEP show an improvement in the operator's measurement system, in particular in relation to the determination of the level of U-235 enrichment.
Pilot Fuel Enrichment Plant (PFEP): PFEP is a research and development (R&D) facility and a pilot low enriched uranium (LEU) production facility," the report indicated.
NAM notes that the report of the Director General stated that "the period of notice provided by Iran regarding related changes made to PFEP was insufficient for the Agency to adjust the existing safeguards procedures before Iran started to feed the material into PFEP".