PffPPunk Forever, Forever Punk
PffPPhysics For Future Presidents
PffPPlatinum Furniture Flat Panel (Sanus Systems TV stand)
PffPPublic Facilities Financing Plan
PffPPreparing Future Faculty in the Professions (Virginia)
PffPPatriot Forever, Forever Patriot (West Chester, PA)
PffPPorcine Fresh Frozen Plasma
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The explanatory variables are taken from 1998 population census, UN model life table for South Asian region and interpolated IMR for 1998 from the estimates of 1996-97 PFFP and 2000-01 PRHFP surveys.
Funding for sidewalks, signals, bike lanes, median landscaping and median irrigation to come from PFFP.
Phase 1B improvements of the Bass Lake Hills Specific Plan PFFP.