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PFGEPulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis
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Of these, 33 isolates, representing 31 PFGE types, were not available for typing (online Technical Appendix), and isolates from 6 cases were excluded as biochemically atypical E.
coli 0121 with the outbreak PFGE pattern was isolated from an open flour sample from a patient's home and a closed sample collected at a retail store, both of the same brand and production date.
baumannii, (iii) establish the clonal relationship of Turkish isolates with the European clones I-III, (iv) compare different typing methods such as PFGE, RAPDPCR and REP-PCR, and their cost-effectiveness for resource limited countries.
Results: Seven distinct PFGE profiles were found among all examined iso-lates/strains.
The DSS-VDH also assisted with shoreline and sanitary surveys to compare potential sources identified in that manner with sources classified by ARA and PFGE.
The present study aimed at using all three techniques (MICs, PFGE and GIS) in order to explore possible spatial patterns among S.
The process can be completed within 8 h with a discriminatory power comparable to that of PFGE (17).
Genotypic characterization of Enterobacter sakazakii isolates by PFGE, BOX-PCR, and sequencing of the fliC gene.
cholerae O1 strains isolated from patients with cholera in various provinces of Thailand, using NotI macrorestricted digestion and PFGE.