PFHPhillips Flat Head (screw)
PFHPennies from Heaven
PFHProcurement for Housing (social housing; Derbyshire, UK)
PFHPer Finished Hour (audiobook industry)
PFHProbability of Failure per Hour
PFHPopular Financial Holdings (Popular, Inc.)
PFHPotential Future Husband
PFHPersonal, Family or Household (consumers)
PFHPlanet Field Hockey (international coverage)
PFHPartners for Health
PFHPutters From Heaven
PFHPopulation and Family Health Program (World Bank)
PFHPast Family History (medical data)
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That's because, AO/PFH "received funding almost exclusively from Federal and state entities" and "AO and PFH, by and through its executives named in the information, engaged in substantial activities that were illegal and contrary to public policy.
The PFH, for example, has been instrumental in programs such as the extension of a school feeding initiative in La Paz, Bolivia, throughout the whole country; family farming laws in Argentina and Peru; school gardens and school meals in El Salvador, and a credit program for rural women in Honduras.
As is discussed further in the Data Center Airflow Measurements section, the PFH is used as a benchmark comparison for the passive flow hood methods discussed here.
Wallis says that although age population targeting was the main goal of building the program and facility, PFH also wanted to create a quality program that would align with the changing healthcare landscape and also be attractive to diverse funding streams.
16] Nonstandard abbreviations: FH, familial hypercholesterolemia; LDL-C, LDL cholesterol; CHD, coronary heart disease; PFH, possible FH; DFH, definite FH; GWAS, genome-wide association study; SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism; WHII, Whitehall II; FH/M-, mutation-negative familial hypercholesterolemia; AIC, Akaike information criterion; BIC, Bayesian information criterion; FH/M+, mutation positive familial hypercholesterolemia; TC, total cholesterol; MED-PED, Make Early Diagnosis Prevent Early Death; AROC, area under the ROC curve.
Pfannenberg presented its compact fan heater from the PFH Series at the Show for the first time.
When compared to previous studies, PFH in the South Indian ethnic population had wider eyes compared to other racial groups.
LM Air Technology's PFH Series Polypropylene fume hoods is now UL 1805 classified.
He assured that PFH will extend all out support to POA for holding sports events, specially hockey competitions during national games and other events to be organised in near future.
Ahrens is affiliated with PFH Private University of Applied Sciences Gottingen, Germany.
Irish IT technology and services provider PFH Technology Group said on Thursday it was buying the local arm of German hardware and software maker Siemens Enterprise Communications, for an undisclosed multi-million euro price, to boost its operations and revenues.