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PFIPay for Inclusion (web search engines)
PFIPrivate Finance Initiative
PFIPrivate Finance Initiative (UK)
PFIPrison Fellowship International
PFIPort Fuel Injection (engines)
PFIPractical Farmers of Iowa
PFIPet Food Institute
PFIPublic Finance Initiative
PFIPipe Fabrication Institute
PFIPellet Fuels Institute
PFIPagan Federation International
PFIPresence From Innovation LLC
PFIPartnerships for Inclusion
PFIPro-Forma Invoice (Customs)
PFIProspective Financial Information
PFIPatapsco Female Institute (Maryland)
PFIPermanent Functional Impairment
PFIPublic Financial Institution (India)
PFIPill-Free Interval (combined oral contraceptive pill)
PFIPower Fail Interrupt
PFIPayload FCS (Frame Check Sequence) Indicator
PFIPastoral Formation Institute
PFIProgrammable Function Input
PFIPositive Financial Impact
PFIPersonal Finance Initiative
PFIPagtinabangay Foundation, Inc.
PFIPre-Fire Inspection
PFIPartial Frame Image
PFIPrivate Fax Interface
PFIPristane Formation Index (molecular maturity parameter)
PFIPersonnel Force Innovation (US DoD)
PFIPerformance Feel Index (automotive engineering)
PFIPrismaflex International
PFIPandemic Flu Information (forum)
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Following the Continental strategy of In the market for the market , the 7th generation of PFI injectors is manufactured in Newport News (USA), Pisa (Italy), and Changchun (China) to supply the respective world regions.
The modern PFI is the child of John Major's Conservative government, but it was adopted and thrived under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.
Andrews said: "This was a highly complex piece of work since the PFI Agreement had to be varied to accommodate the school's change of status and this involved negotiations with the PFI Company NewSchools(Merton), its funders and sub-contractors with a number of different agreements needing to be put in place.
There are currently more than 82 PFI positions available.
Chen Jenn-chuan, minister of the PCC, noted that PFI is a financial method for the provision of public services in industrially developed nations.
Will supporters of PFI wait until the deal for rebuilding the Royal Hospital results in our NHS trust being declared bankrupt to admit that they were wrong?
The Commons Treasury Committee found the capital cost of a typical PFI project is eight per cent - more than double that of government borrowing.
However the benefits of running a school in a PFI building are huge.
I sit on the Public Accounts Committee, and in a recent PFI review we interviewed someone who was paid pounds 8m last year.
Many PFI projects also involve private companies providing cleaning, catering and maintenance services for the new buildings.
There are a range of issues for PFI projects to consider but, from my conversations with the Royal, they have recognised the failings of other PFI projects in the past.
Now the government is reviewing a series of hospitals - including Coventry - as it fears their expensive PFI deals could scupper their vital bids to become Foundation Trusts.