PFIAPublic Funds Investment Act (Texas)
PFIAPennsylvania Floral Industry Association
PFIAProfessional Flooring Installers Association
PFIAPublic Financial Inspection Agency
PFIAPerformance First Index Account (USAA)
PFIApolarization fluorescence immunoassay
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PFIA leadership also drew the attention of the FPCCI towards the
FPCCI President Ghazanfar Bilour assured the PFIA leaders to raise the
FPCCI President Ghazanfar Bilour assured the PFIA leaders to raise the issue at all the platforms concerned to get it resolved at the earliest.
PFIA inspectors established irregularities in 924 out of the total of 2440 public procurement deals inspected in 2014.
Apart from that in 416 of the tenders inspected the PFIA detected noncompliance with the Public Procurement Act, including violations of the principles of publicity and transparency, free and fair competition, equality and non-discrimination.
PFIA detected 103 cases of failure to conduct public procurement procedures or unfounded public procurement procedures worth BGN 25A 641A 993.
PFIA inspectors conducted a total of 69 planned inspections at schools, state-owned forestry areas and hunting grounds, and units of the National Social Security Institute.
8 were assigned through negotiations, without public announcement, despite the fact that they did not meet the legal requirements allowing this type of procedure, which PFIA refers to as particularly opaque.
According to PFIA, the company also sealed a flawed deal through an invitation to negotiate and in five cases the power distributor failed to collect the required minimum of three offers.
He emphasized that the PFIA probe had not identified breaches of the Public Procurement Act in the supplies and services between related companies CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria AD and CEZ Bulgaria.
Asked about the anticipated result of the probe of the prosecuting authority at the State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (DKEVR), he pointed out that the inspections of the National Audit Office and PFIA were more important because they would supply figures to the prosecutor's office.
PFIA presented Tuesday its findings to the ad-hoc parliamentary committee on Belene NPP.