PFIABPresident's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (White House)
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On the specific issue of oversight, the report looked more to the PFIAB, OMB, and other organizations to provide this oversight, not Congress.
The PBCFIA made the initial recommendation in 1960; it was reiterated by the PFIAB in 1961.
PFIAB would inspire more confidence if it were not filled with loyalists who could be expected to be protective of the Administration.
National security right-wingers shudder at the thought of a Scowcroft-led PFIAB investigating charges of Chinese espionage.
The presidential executive order governing PFIAB notes that members of the board "shall be.
PERINO: It goes to the PFIAB, but that doesn't necessarily -- I don't know what's in the letter, but I don't think it had anything to do with substance of the travel.
And again, it's the PFIAB, and I don't know who all saw it -- who all would have seen it at that time.
During Perot's tenure, PFIAB concentrated on basic issues - the adequacy of intelligence, assessments of the strategic balance, new intelligence technologies.
There is no record of how Perot and others on PFIAB responded to these adventures.
Ultimately, PFIAB failed to prevent the worst intelligence scandal in years, partly due to Perot's fondness for secrecy.
citizens, to strengthen PFIAB, to establish a congressional joint intelligence committee, and to establish guidelines for cooperation with the Justice Department regarding the prosecution of criminal violations by CIA employees.