PFIIPermanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
PFIIParent/Family Intervention Intensive (Louisiana)
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As a consequence of this, the PFII maintained that 'a priority task should be for the Permanent Forum to elaborate and adopt interpretive statements or general comments on the most important provisions of the Declaration'.
While Schulte-Tenckhoff and Khan are overstating the PFII's 'permanent quest to expand its mandate', there is merit in their concern that the issuing of General Comments can create confusion not to mention the resource implications for the PFII as well as its ability to carry out the mandate it already has.
In essence, Schulte-Tenckhoff and Khan are arguing that the PFII is an institutional device that promotes mainstreaming of Indigenous issues throughout the UN while simultaneously contributing to the erosion of the rights of Indigenous peoples, especially their group rights.
111) The PFII has highlighted the potential for the UNDRIP in domestic jurisdictions moving forward:
In contrast to the five-member WGIP, the PFII comprises sixteen
advisory functions, PFII members promote awareness of indigenous issues
In the past few years, the PFII has coordinated Expert
Akin to the WGIP operating policies, the PFII allows numerous
the eighth session of the PFII, more than two thousand indigenous
short existence of the PFII its annual session has become
During PFII sessions, indigenous activists and representatives are
Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to, contractual difficulties which may arise, the failure to obtain shareholder approval, the future market price of PFII common stock and Raptor's ability to obtain the necessary financing.