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PFJPatellofemoral Joint (kneecap)
PFJPeople's Front of Judea (Monty Python's movie Life of Brian)
PFJPhee Farrer Jones (media recruitment; UK)
PFJPlay for Jesus
PFJPrayer for Judgment (legal)
PFJPolar Frontal Jet
PFJPioneers for Jesus
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In terms of aerobic stability, PFJ and LP used had a positive effect on CO2 concentrations coliform bacteria and yeast.
While we found negative correlations between meniscal thicknesses and subgroups of WORMS, except PFJ, there were positive correlations among meniscal thicknesses, JSWs, cartilage thicknesses and means of the medial and lateral JSAs.
With the PFJ, however, we often see a more gradual transition, with winds sometimes exceeding 60 knots below FL200.
6% of subjects had PFJ cartilage damage extending down to bone, 8% had TFJ damage down to bone, and 7.
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PFJ is pleased to being various post show reports of the above mentioned exhibi- tions for the interest of its readers.
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