PFLApyruvate formate lyase activating
PFLAPrivate Forest Landowners Association
PFLAPhospholipid Fatty Acid
PFLAPaid Family Leave Act
PFLAPublicly Funded Legal Assistance
PFLAProfessional Faculty Leadership Association
PFLAPeople's Front for Liberation of Arabistan
PFLAProject Financing and Loan Agreement
PFLAParental and Family Leave Act
PFLApneumonie franche lobaire aiguë
PFLAProfessional Family Living Arrangements
PFLAParents For Legal Action (UK)
PFLAPathogenic Free-Living Amoebae
PFLAProgrammable Fuzzy Logic Array
PFLAPrivate Forest Land Act (Canada)
PFLAPatricia Freedman Literacy Academy (Bristol, VA)
PFLAPath for Limited Achievement
PFLAParadise Falls Lutheran Association (est. 1922; Cresco, PA)
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The volumes produced by PFLA members would initially be too small to be of interest to the mults, but the group said it hoped to build momentum by working with local butchers.
In the US, there is a small but significant market for grass-fed livestock products, and the PFLA said it was in close contact with its counterparts of the American Grassfed Association.
Councillor Jim Wright, executive member for children's services, said: "We welcome the judge's rejection of the further order sought by the PFLA and his agreement with the council's interpretation of his judgement.
PFLA asked the judge to order that all consultation carried out after the council's decision to opt for a two-tier system on April 19, 2005 be started again from scratch.
David Hodkinson, chairman of the PFLA, said: "The judgement quite clearly states that the county must go back in Cramlington and other partnerships and schools should adopt a two-tier or a three-tier model.
Despite the outcome of the judicial review, the PFLA is still urging the council to rethink its plans.
PFLA chairman David Hodkinson said: "With this judgment, the opportunity now presents itself for the council to work with, rather than against, the community to explore practical, affordable solutions to the county's educational challenges.
PFLA members have been waiting for the court date since August.
Judy Lloyd, a parent and solicitor representing PFLA, said: "It has been a very frustrating wait.