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PFLP-GCPalestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command
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She uncovered notes from 1988 planning meetings in Malta involving PFLP-GC cell-leader Abu Talb.
said Sbneh, mocking a PFLP-GC claim that the civilians are being held "hostage" by the armed opposition.
The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, which conducted a three--year investigation of the case, stressed that new evidence--not presented during the Camp Zeist trial--pointed away from Libyan involvement in the bombing and allegedly towards the PFLP-GC, and Abu Talb in particular.
If confirmed, the attack would be Israel's first strike on a PFLP-GC position in Lebanon in nearly two years.
In a statement issued by its central committee which assembled on Monday, PFLP-GC hailed in a statement the military wins of the Syrian army in the war against terrorist organizations, expressing unwavering support for Syria against the conspiracy targeting it.
Defence sources said that the PFLP-GC base hit was in the Nmeh valley.
The shelling of suspected rebel positions in Yarmouk, a swarming camp home to 150,000 Palestinian refugees and perhaps as many Syrians, appeared to be the army's way of supporting the PFLP-GC.
It is reported that even members of Ahmed Jibril's PFLP-GC, an ally of the regime, rebelled against their leadership and refuse to fight with the forces of Assad.
Palestinian protesters were enraged and followed Jibril to the PFLP-GC headquarters and tried to break into it before Jibril's gunmen started shooting at them, the activist told the daily.
e Lockerbie atrocity was, I believe, carried about by Jabril's PFLP-GC and I believe the British and US governments have always known this.
Ahmed Jibril, founder of the PFLP-GC, accused in April the Lebanese government of Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri of "carrying out the demands of Israel and the U.