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PFLP-GCPalestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command
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said Sbneh, mocking a PFLP-GC claim that the civilians are being held "hostage" by the armed opposition.
Hafez Dalkamoni, a seasoned PFLP-GC operative, considered highly dangerous by the US, British and Israeli security services, was allegedly also a key player in the plot.
The war chests of the ANO, the PFLP-GC, 17 May, Hezbollah, and other militant Muslim organizations are full.
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command: The PFLP-GC was once among the most active Palestinian bombing groups, but is now a mere shadow of its former self.
Much of the evidence indicates Jibril and the PFLP-GC carried out the bombing on behalf of Iran and Syria to avenge the July 1988 accidental downing of an Iranian commercial airliner by a U.
In a statement issued by its central committee which assembled on Monday, PFLP-GC hailed in a statement the military wins of the Syrian army in the war against terrorist organizations, expressing unwavering support for Syria against the conspiracy targeting it.
Defence sources said that the PFLP-GC base hit was in the Nmeh valley.
Syrian rebels and anti-Assad Palestinians announced the formation of a new rebel brigade last week to battle the PFLP-GC, which along with other militants and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have long enjoyed shelter in Syria after successive disastrous wars with Israel dating to 1948.
It is reported that even members of Ahmed Jibril's PFLP-GC, an ally of the regime, rebelled against their leadership and refuse to fight with the forces of Assad.
Palestinian protesters were enraged and followed Jibril to the PFLP-GC headquarters and tried to break into it before Jibril's gunmen started shooting at them, the activist told the daily.
e Lockerbie atrocity was, I believe, carried about by Jabril's PFLP-GC and I believe the British and US governments have always known this.