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2012b), a tool used to forecast the impact rate during the annual PFMC salmon fishery planning process.
2] Pacific Leatherback Closure Area (PLCA)) and mandated gear and operational modifications (Hanan et ah, 1993; Carretta et ah, 2003; PFMC, 2011; Benson et al.
951) On May 4, 1989, PFMC adopted an amendment to the Pacific Plan that set its spawner escapement goal at "35 percent of the potential adults from each brood of natural spawners, but no fewer than 35,000 naturally spawning adults in any given year.
By 2001 the PFMC listed seven overfished species: lingcod, Ophiodon elongatus', widow rockfish, Sebastes entomelas; dark-blotched rockfish, Sebastes cramerv, Pacific Ocean perch, S.
west coast pink shrimp fishery were adopted in 2000 after the PFMC determined that canary rockfish, Sebastes pinniger, were overfished (PFMC (4)).
In September 2002, the PFMC reduced annual harvest limits for California's groundfish fisheries to help restore depleted rockfish species managed under federal rebuilding plans.
The PFMC recommends the season open June 20 and continue seven days per week through Aug.
The DFG is represented on the PFMC and has the authority to conform state regulations to the federal regulations for the commercial fishery.
Similarly, estimated total in-river run size (which does not include catch in ocean fisheries that target fall [subyearling] Chinook and coho salmon) in 2008-10 for Chinook salmon (mean=843,000) and coho salmon (555,000) is higher now than in the early 1980s (556,000 Chinook and 294,000 coho salmon) (WDFW and ODFW (9); PFMC, 2011).
The PFMC is a federal agency responsible for managing West Coast ocean fisheries.
So how on earth do the DFG and the PFMC and their scientists even attempt to manage a resource they don't have any current data on?