PFMEParents Forum for Meaningful Education
PFMEProduct Fixed Marketing Expenditure
PFMEPrima Facie Medical Evidence (workers' compensation law)
PFMEPelvic Floor Muscle Exercise
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In a RCT, 63 males four or more weeks after radical retropubic prostatectomy (mean age [greater than] 65 years) were randomised to either pelvic floor muscle exercises with intensive physiotherapy, PFME with electrical stimulation (ES), or PFME only provided by simple written and verbal instruction.
In a RCT of 36 males with urinary incontinence after radical prostatectomy (mean age [greater than] 66 years) were randomized to treatment consisting of PFME or functional pelvic floor electrical stimulation (FES), or extracorporeal magnetic stimulation (ExMI) and followed up for 6 months.
2 years) introduction of PFME resulted in 16 of 24 (67%) participants exhibiting at least a 50% improvement in the number of incontinence episodes.
In the second RCT, 55 men with erectile dysfunction and post-micturition dribble were randomized to receive either advice on lifestyle changes (control) or PFME combined with biofeedback and lifestyle change advice (treatment).
The review highlighted that with the exception of PFME after prostatectomy, few controlled trials have examined the effectiveness of any interventions at raising awareness of bladder and bowel health in males aged 12 years and over.
Eight randomized controlled trials RCT showed a benefit of PFME however, the timing and extent of that benefit was variable.