PFMSPrinceton Folk Music Society (Princeton, NJ)
PFMSPlanar Flow Melt Spinning
PFMSPrecision Flexible Manufacturing Systems
PFMSProgram Financial Management System
PFMSPreferred Forest Management Strategy (Canada)
PFMSPelvic Floor Muscle Strength
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In this report, we present a patient who developed who was diagnosed with PFMS after long-duration travel and hyperthermal (>40 [degrees]C) balneotherapy, with the goal of drawing attention to the possible environmental triggers of this syndrome.
A mutational analysis of the MEFV gene demonstrated heterozygous V726A mutation in exon 10, which confirmed the diagnoses of PFMS and FMF; hence, the colchicine treatment was continued.
1), (2) Another noteworthy feature of PFMS is that the signs and symptoms dramatically respond to corticosteroids.
Because PFMS may recur even with the colchicine prophylaxis, (3) it is important to recognize the environmental triggers that cause this syndrome in order to prevent its occurrence.
However, in our review of the literature, we could not find any study that specifically focused on the potential triggering mechanisms of PFMS.
Furthermore, PFMS had already been considered to be an extension of FMF inflammation by Bircan and Usluer (2)
objective of PFMS is to establish an efficient fund flow system and expenditure network for the GoI.