PFNAPerfluorononanoic Acid
PFNAPulsed Fast-Neutron Analysis
PFNAPentecostal Fellowship of North America (est. 1948)
PFNAProximal Femoral Nail Anti-Rotation (fracture treatment)
PFNAPublic Facilities Needs Assessment (various locations; city planning)
PFNAPercutaneous Fine-Needle Aspiration (biopsy)
PFNAPour Feliciter Nouvel An (French: Happy New Year)
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In general, Et-PFOSA-AcOH, Me-PFOSA-AcOH, PFHxS, and PFNA were inversely associated with ASD and ID, though ORs were close to the null, and for PFHxS and ID were slightly above the null (Tables 3 and 4).
PFHpA, PFOA et PFNA etaient les principaux composes detectes dans l'eau et la neige fondue alors que PFNA, PFDA et PFUnA etaient les composes predominants pour le biote aquatique, indiquant leur potentiel de bioaccumulation.
Recently, the AO/ASIF developed and introduced a new intramedullary nail system, the proximal femoral nail antirotation, which is generally referred to as the PFNA (Fig.
PFNA and TNA can detect explosives, drugs, chemical weapons, nuclear devices and shielded "dirty bombs" non-intrusively and without the need for human screeners, and can be modified for new types of threats by adding a new elemental signature.
The PWC, PFNA and its successor the PCCNA, the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship, as well as the various evangelical groups with which Pentecostals associate, all appeal to these verses and the need to demonstrate something tangible before the world.
Unique PFNA material-specific technology identifies elemental chemical signatures of contraband and threat objects
PFOS and PFOA concentrations were quantified in all samples analyzed, and PFHxS and PFNA concentrations were below the LOQ in 3.
5) To improvise in 2003 AO/ASIF introduced PFNA (Antirotation system).
They found that people with PFOS, PFOA and PFNA levels in the top 25pct of the study population had higher total and non-HDL cholesterol (which is primarily LDL, or "bad" cholesterol) than participants whose PFOS, PFOA, PFNA concentrations were in the lowest 25pct.
OSI's ANCORE PFNA and TNA technologies are automated non-intrusive, material-specific systems for the inspection of full-size shipping containers, trucks, air-cargo and other containerized cargo.
The new Proximal femoral nail antirotation PFNA in daily practice: results of a multicentre clinical study.