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PFOPatent Foramen Ovale (defect of the heart)
PFOPrincipal Federal Official (US Departement of Homeland Security)
PFOPersistent Foramen Ovale (cardiology)
PFOPower Fail Output
PFOPaphos, Cyprus - International (Airport Code)
PFOPissed Fell Over (UK medical slang for drunk patient)
PFOProfit From Operations
PFOPyruvate:Ferredoxin Oxidoreductase
PFOPerron-Frobenius Operator
PFOPinyon Flat Observatory (earthquake reporting station)
PFOProperty and Fiscal Office
PFOPlutonium Finishing Operation
PFOPink Floyd Online (fan site)
PFOPalustrine Forest (environmental science)
PFOPlease Frig Off (polite form, as in a PFO letter for a refused resume)
PFOPaint Flag Offset (marking underground utilities)
PFOProject Formulation Office (NASA)
PFOPinedale Field Office (US DOI)
PFOPersistent Felony Offender (various states)
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The IC- LDN CCA is a group of Guidance Counselors from various schools that was organized by the DOLE- X LDN PFO for promoting Career Advocacy to their respective students.
A PFO with a significant right-to-left shunt was found on transesophageal echocardiogram with bubble study (Figure 1).
This is a high-risk population that might benefit from PFO closure," said Dr.
These important findings will serve as a guidepost in the prevention of stroke in patients with PFO," said Anthony J.
They were randomly assigned to receive a PFO closure device plus blood thinners or drug therapy alone.
Prior researchers have paid particular attention to the effect of newly appointed CEOs on corporate financial reporting (Pourciau 1993; Murphy and Zimmerman 1993; Murphy 1999; Reitenga and Tearney 2003), and some research has begun investigation of the relationship between PFO appointments and a firm's reported financial information (Mian 2001; Aier et al.
The relationship between a PFO and stroke is now being studied to determine whether closing the PFO can reduce the risk of future strokes and whether a PFO might be associated with migraine and decompression sickness observed in divers.
Patients with both ASA and PFO who have had a stroke are at substantial risk for recurrent stroke despite aspirin therapy.
However, there is large variation of the relative exercise intensity at PFO and there is evidence to suggest that this may be affected by body composition, exercise mode and sex (Achten et al.
Although Lau has been performing PFO closures since 2004 (41 procedures to date), this was the first time such a so-called percutaneous closure had been done at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center.
Under the agreement, Cardica is responsible for the design, production and manufacturing of the PFO closure device, which will be directed by a development committee with representatives from both companies.