PFOAPerfluorooctanoic Acid (suspected carcinogen used in making Teflon)
PFOAProblem Formulation and Options Assessment
PFOAPeninsula Friends of Animals (Sequim, WA)
PFOAPharmacy Franchise Owners Association
PFOAPortland Football Officials Association (Oregon)
PFOAPlatform Fiber Optics Assembly
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In vivo and in vitro studies suggest that PFOA and PFOS are endocrine disruptors (Du et al.
3 [micro]g/L) for PFOS or PFOA, or 7 [micro]g/L for perfluorobutanoic acid (PFBA) (MDH, 2008).
Boyd Coatings' Zero PFOA PTFE coatings have been successful in the field now for nearly a year.
While there are no known cases of airborne PFOA causing direct health problems for consumers, workers in plants where Teflon has been produced are at increased risk for cancers of the pancreas and the male reproductive tract.
The company launched a plan to reduce PFOA use and emissions in 2002, before joining the PFOA Stewardship program launched by the U.
PFOS and PFOA are chemicals widely used to stain proof fabrics and carpets.
Besides food packaging, PFOA is also commonly used in Teflon and other stain-resistant coatings.
The researchers came to their conclusions--which they warn are preliminary and need to be verified by future studies--by testing cord blood samples from 293 pregnant women for PFOA and PFOS, and then examining the levels in relation to pregnancy outcomes.
An advisory group to the Environmental Protection Agency has recommended classifying PFOA as a rodent carcinogen that may harm people.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce the use of perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, in the production of its trademark Teflon non-stick product, the DuPont Company recently announced that it would phase out its production and use of the chemical altogether by 2015 (see "Don't Pan-ic
Air Products offers two "fluoro-free" materials to help formulators achieve the goals of the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (USEPA) PFOA reduction program.