PFOCPrairie Fire Organizing Committee
PFOCPassive Fiber Optic Component
PFOCPartially-Filled Orthogonal Cavity
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5 PFOA ND (d) PFOC ND (d) PFOB ND (d) 1-lodohexane ND (d) MIVLN assay Maximum Compound Induction (%) (c) [EC.
Three eightcarbon PFCs-PFOA, PFOC, and PFOB-that contain no iodine substitution on the carbon chain were used as comparisons to study die effects of iodine substitution on estrogenic effects.
PFOC, PFOB, 1-iodohexane, PFBI, PFDI, PFDol, and FTIs did not affect the expression of EGR3 or TFF1, but PFOA slightly up-regulated TFF1 by 1.
The accreditation gives 3M the ability to test PFOC products in-house, with third-party oversight.
com) today announced that Verizon has approved ADC's Passive Fiber Optic Component (PFOC) Test Lab under the Verizon Independent PFOC Test Lab (ITL) Witnessing Program.
Under the Verizon ITL PFOC certification program, the selected labs may witness/conduct PFOC testing at vendors' facilities that have in-house PFOC testing capabilities.
For more information on the ITL PFOC Program, visit the official Verizon Web site at www.
PFOCs are widely used in communications networks worldwide and represent critical components in these networks.