PFOMPocket Full of Monsters (urban artists)
PFOMParallel Fiber Optic Module
PFOMPatriot Fiber Optic Modem (Patriot Missile system component)
PFOMPower Flatness Over Modulation
PFOMPrincipal Flight Operations Manager (UK)
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2), Zarlink's 20 Gbps transceiver modules are the newest addition to its PFOM platform, which includes the 4-channel ZL60301 and 12-channel ZL60101 series.
Zarlink's PFOMs offer an SPI (serial peripheral interface) that provides individual channel control and direct access to diagnostic functions within the modules, such as temperature and operating time.
The POP4 MSA, co-founded by Zarlink, promotes a common standard for PFOMs, including footprint, packaging density, electronic and optical interface, and general performance characteristics.