PFORPyruvate Ferredoxin Oxidoreductase
PFORPocket Full of Rocks (Christian band)
PFORPeace Force (UN Peacekeeping)
PFORProposal For a Peace Force
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P is for Park PFOR city dwellers, Bute Park is a haven and for visitors it offers a place to rest their weary feet - but on one weekend of the year, Bute Park plays host to the superstar of all horticultural festivals.
It targets an essential enzyme, PFOR (pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase), in anaerobic and microaerophylic organisms, disrupting energy metabolism.
85 excluding VAT (value estimated on the basis of the tariff component PFOR in force at the date of completion of the contract, as determined by the Authority for Electricity and Gas and Water System for the second quarter of 2014, increased by 30 Ceur / scm to cover costs of distribution and excise duties and a spread of 10 Ceur sale / scm (consistent with the calculation method set out in the Convention CONSIP Natural Gas 7) for a total of 65.