PFOXParents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays
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The settlement reached with CRC and PFOX allowed both groups representation on the newly formed committee.
About Us," PFOX, accessed 3 January 2006, <http://www.
While not all PFOX members have succeeded in changing their children, they can perhaps find inspiration in national founder and executive director Anthony A.
Falzarano expects PFOX to continue its growth, citing the group's high-profile news coverage--PFOX will be featured in an upcoming segment of CBS's 60 Minutes and has been on both Fox news and The 700 Club, a nationally syndicated religious news show--and an aggressive expansion plan.
Would PFOX parents act to hasten their child's fall?
David Villaggio, 25, son of the Atlanta PFOX chapter's coleader, thinks the group is giving his mother false hope.
She believes that PFOX will help the church address homosexuality as openly as abortion and other once-taboo issues.
A PFOX pamphlet states that homosexuality is a "developmental process not genetically determined" and can be treated with therapy.
Besen also nails current PFOX president Richard Cohen, who is leading the charge against liberal sex ed in Montgomery County.