PFPAPentagon Force Protection Agency (DoD)
PFPAPhilippine Federation of Professional Associations
PFPAPer Family Per Annum (health care)
PFPAPersonal Financial Planning Association
PFPAProbe-Fed Plate Antenna
PFPAPartnership for Prescription Assistance (Department of Health; Dane County, WI)
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Athough there have only been a handful of measurements in humans, there have been additional reports of other environmental PFPiA and PFPA contaminations.
All members of the PFPA were invited to participate in the study.
anhydrides; PFPA = pentafluoropropionic anhydrides; TCAA =
Sabail District Court on Monday, a PFPA source told Turan.
In fact, personnel from the PFPA safeguard and protect occupants and visitors at about 100 facilities in the National Capital Region, including the recently opened Mark Center.
This is quite possible and has been a practice in previous years," PFPA Secretary Jalaluddin Hasan said.
Ikramullah Khan, Vice Chairman of the PFPA, said the horticulture industry would earn precious foreign exchange for the country from the fruit produce which was considered as |perishable' fruit and was at present going waste.
AtHoc has enabled the PFPA to establish secure alerting and permission-based crisis communications internally and among numerous external organizations that, together, can respond to whatever threats might arise.
the defendants in this vandalism case have no relation to PFPA.
We provide many security solutions for CBRNE threats and are pleased that our equipment has been chosen to be fielded by PFPA.
According to Mustafayev, charges against Seidov are due to the fact that he is a brother-in-law of the leader of the PFPA, Ali Kerimli.
Since development and Security are closely related, Deputy Chairman urged the PFPA to try to utilize the local expertise available, and with the participation of the local people who can describe their resources in more effective way.