PFPEPerfluorinated Polyether
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We are determined to help coating formulators in this dynamic industry with our expertise and advanced PFPE technology in particular, to stay ahead of market requirements and gain a competitive edge.
The discovery began when DeSimone realized that PFPE, a material that he had been researching for the Office of Naval Research to prevent marine life from sticking to the bottom of ships, had a similar chemical structure to a polymeric electrolyte commonly studied for lithium-ion batteries.
Most PFPE polyurethanes described so far are unfilled cast elastomers, not designed for processing and compounding with standard rubber mixing machines and technology.
However, the conventional modified PFPE have some limitation to improve such properties due to their limited chemical structures and the number of functional groups.
Fluorolink[R] PFPE technology delivers exceptional water/oil repellency and soil release for paint and coatings.
Loading PFPE above 1% doesn't enhance its effects--but adding some PTFE can.
Fluorolink PFPE is a series of difunctional, highly fluorinated polymer modifiers.
Solvay to Double PFPE Polymer Production Capacity in Italy 37
Although PFPEs are known for their non-stick and lubricating properties, it has been a major technical challenge to incorporate them into a stable formulation that can lead to a coating with sufficient adhesion to various substrates.
In additio, unlike most traditional fluorosurfactants, PFPEs do not cause foam formation.
The plans include large capacity increases for PFPEs sold under the Solvera and Fluorolink brand names, to be progressively implemented during 2008.
According to Rolland's research, PFPEs have wide ranging applications that include antifouling coatings, microfluidics, mold-based lithography for nano-patterned films, and nanoparticle fabrication.