PFPFPassive Fire Protection Federation
PFPFPreparing Future Physics Faculty (La Jolla, CA)
PFPFPlutonium Fuel Production Facility
PFPFPlastic Fraud Prevention Forum (credit cards; UK)
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Table 1 Movements for the flexor carpi radialis muscle group Movement Flexor Carpi Masseter Musde radicalis musde 1 PPFF IIDD 2 FFFP DDDI 3 PPPP IIII 4 FFFF DDDD 5 FFPP DDII 6 PFFF IDDD 7 PPPF IIID 8 PFPF IDID 9 FPFP DIDI 10 FPPF DIID 11 PFFP IDDI 12 FPPP DIII 13 FFPF DDID 14 PPFP IIDI 15 FPFF DIDD 16 PFPP IDII
It seeks punitive damages - which Stendig has pledged to supply to PFPF -- and an injunction requiring the company to release PFD.
Stendig adds that all monetary recoveries against InterMune in excess of his costs will be contributed to PFPF to further its work.