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PFPPPanic-Focused Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
PFPPPublic Fire Paramedic Program (Canada)
PFPPPermanent Food Production Parks (Malaysia)
PFPPPhilippine Family Planning Program (Department of Health)
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A plausible cause of the higher symptom severity at the end of PFPP therapy could be the activation of separation anxieties within the therapeutic relationship that are typical for patients with panic disorder during the termination phase of therapy, explained Dr.
The PFPP intervention included 24 sessions delivered twice-weekly in German by senior psychoanalysts using the PFPP treatment manual set forth by Dr.
We view leadership in the area of corporate social responsibility as both a strategic goal and the right thing to do, and our new PFPP is yet one more very tangible example of how we are committed to continuous improvement in a range of important CSR areas.