PFRAPrairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (Canada)
PFRAProfessional Football Researchers Association
PFRAPublic Fundraising Regulatory Association (UK)
PFRAPrudential Financial Regulatory Agency
PFRAPreliminary Flood Risk Assessment (Rivers Agency; UK)
PFRAPatch-Fed Rod Antenna
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Seabury Maritime PFRA ("SMPFRA"), the global maritime and transportation investment bank and industry advisory, and a division of Seabury Capital LLC ("Seabury Capital"), has announced the appointment of Patrick Bird as Managing Director, Advisory, the company said.
We are now working with the PFRA to ensure best practice at all times.
A Cardiff council spokesman said: "The deal with the PFRA means that all charity fundraising organisations have to book through them to fundraise in Cardiff city centre.
PFRA chief executive Sally de la Bedoyere said: "For a form of fundraising that is so regularly in the limelight, it is vitally important that fundraisers work to the highest possible standards in order to maintain the confidence of the public, media, and central and local government.
The provinces were conscious that in order to protect their hard-earned rights as owners of water resources, they could not permit the federal PFRA to act as the contemplated agency, but the extent of recent PFRA investments in water and the existence of potential federal legislative powers over water required them to take federal interests into account.
And even with the pastures established under PFRA, 75 percent of the native grasslands in prairie Canada has been lost, leaving nesting ducks to crowd into strips of cover where they are far more vulnerable to predators.
Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) is being produced in prairie orchards, and although the species is difficult to harvest, new varieties from the PFRA Shelterbelt Centre are adapted to mechanical harvesting (see article, p.
The PFRA gave prairie farmers financial and technical assistance to help build water-storage reservoirs such as dugouts and small dams.
The PFRA recommends that you review your present requirements (e.
Richardson Associates ("PFRA") to form Seabury PFRA LLC ("SPFRA"), a maritime-centric entity which offers a suite of comprehensive industry solutions utilizing the existing worldwide Seabury operating platform which will take over all business interests and executives from PFRA, the company said.
The council sought legal advice after the threat of action and was told that it needed to broaden its public consultation on any PSPO to avoid a successful challenge in the courts from the PFRA.
Members of the Licensing and Public Protection Committee are being asked to either back or reject the PFRA deal.