PFRAMPolymeric Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (flash memory technology)
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Web-Feet Research has released the Non-Volatile Memory Technologies Roadmap study that forecasts the design and manufacturing economics for mature and advanced non-volatile memory technologies: Flash (NOR 1b/cell, NOR 2b/cell, NOR 4b/cell, DINOR, ACT, NAND 1b/cell, NAND 2b/cell, AND 1b/cell, AND 2b/cell, AG-AND); trapped charge (MirrorBit, NROM); advanced technologies (FRAM 2T2C, FRAM 1T1C, FRAM 1T, MRAM, OUM, PFRAM, Nanocrystal).
Providing that the PFRAM (polymer ferroelectric RAM) technology yields the expected results, there will be a third low performance, very high density, extremely low priced segment for external solid state storage applications.