PFRSPolice and Firemen's Retirement System (New Jersey)
PFRSPhilippine Financial Reporting Standards
PFRSProfile of Fatigue-Related Symptoms
PFRSPersonal Fall Restraint System (safety equipment)
PFRSPeachland Fire and Rescue Service (Canada)
PFRSPro Four Racing Series
PFRSPositive Feedback Regulatory System
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As of the June 30, 2016 valuation date, the reported ratio of assets-to-liabilities for the local group was 71% for PERS and 75% for PFRS, whereas the state group reported 38% and 41% for PERS and PFRS, respectively.
To the plaintiffs' great surprise, the district court held that Wyoming had standing to sue only with respect to the specific tranches of securities it had purchased, and dismissed the claims related to securities within different tranches held by nonparty members of the putative class, including Detroit PFRS.
65) Using current valuation assumptions and methods, as of June 30, 2011, the GRS and PFRS had unfunded actuarial accrued liabilities of approximately $639.
4 billion for its underfunded pension funds, the GRS and the PFRS.
On the second side of the questionnaire, the participant was presented with the PFRS and asked to rate the figure that most closely resembled the body size of the participant (confederate) who had been in the waiting room with them.
In order to examine the effect of the confederate's clothing on participants' perceptions of her body size, we conducted a 2 (participant sex) x 3 (experimental condition) ANOVA, with body size ratings from the PFRS as the dependent variable.
The 2012 issuance increases PFRS funding to approximately 68% from 37.
Debt is at moderate-to-high levels and there is a sizable unfunded actuarial accrued liability remaining in PFRS of approximately $268.
As a result of a funding agreement between the PFRS board and the city following a pension obligation bond issue in 1997, the city is not required to make any contributions through fiscal year 2011.
GRS Service Corporation and PFRS Service Corporation are nonprofit corporations formed by the city to receive COP service payments.
Oakland is beginning to proactively manage this upcoming cost by establishing a stabilization fund to collect excess property tax payments levied solely for the PFRS system and to voluntarily contribute funds later this year.
The GRS extended the amortization period to 20 years and the city is negotiating with the PFRS for a similar extension, but is not assumed for this transaction.