PFSAPerfluorosulfonic Acid (chemistry)
PFSAPort Facility Security Assessment
PFSAPagan Federation of South Africa
PFSAPrograms, Functions, Services and Activities
PFSAPlastics Federation of South Africa
PFSAProbabilistic Finite State Automata
PFSAPublic Facilities Set-Aside
PFSAPublic Financial Services Agency
PFSAPhilatelic Federation of South Africa
PFSAPublic Fleet Supervisors Association
PFSAPost Fielding Support Analysis
PFSAParent Faculty Student Association
PFSAParticipatory Fisheries Stock Assessment
PFSAPetroleum Fuels Storage Area
PFSAPhilippine Fulbright Scholars Association
PFSAPennsylvania Financial Services Association
PFSAPilot and Feasibility Study Award
PFSAParticipatory Farming Systems Analysis
PFSAPutnam Family Support and Advocacy, Inc. (Carmel, NY)
PFSAPrevious Fuel Storage Area
PfSAPartnerships for Success Academy
PFSAPathfinder Systems Australia
PFSAPriority First Service Agreement
PFSAParent Faculty Staff Association
PFSAPrepaid Food Services Accounts
PFSAProtection from Stalking Act
PFSAParking Facility Standards Award (Canada)
PFSAParents and Friends of the School Association (UK)
PFSAPlate-Fed Slot Antenna
PFSAPowerForce Sub Assembly
PFSAParent and Family Support Advisor (UK)
PFSAPolish Financial Supervision Authority (est. 2006)
PFSAPanasonic Factory Solutions Company of America (Buffalo Grove, IL)
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It is mentioned that Section 9 of the PFSA Act describes all persons appointed in the agency shall be deemed as expert and the report sent by the said authorities is admissible in evidence.
It was only after PFSA confirmed the matching of the DNA samples that he was rearrested on January 20 from Pakpattan.
The officer, who spoke to The Nation on the condition of anonymity, said that the PFSA were providing free of cost services to the government departments particularly the police and prisons.
However insurers from EU and EEA member states are permitted to operate in the Polish insurance industry without obtaining license from the PFSA.
To minimize the differences in water transportation between these two layers, some scholars have proposed to use a blend membrane consisting of both PFSA and PFCA as a middle layer laminated between the sulfonic and the carboxylic layer [22, 23].
A major component of this device is the PFSA membrane from W.
For the microelectronics business, it is important [to be able to provide] live process demos near customer sites," said PFSA president Alex Shimada.
The sale of PFSA continues Penson's implementation of the series of initiatives which it announced on August 4, 2011.
William Middleton, political counsellor at the British High Commission in Islamabad; PFSA Director General Dr Ashraf Tahir; and the additional chief secretary also attended the ceremony.
Abut delay in DNA or PFSA reports, he said police duty is to send samples and police can only send reminders if the reports are delayed.
Confirming the rape assault on the toddler, Director General PFSA Dr.
As the proceedings started, Joint Investigation Team (JIT) head RPO Mohammad Idrees, the PFSA DG and other police officials appeared before the bench in response to the court orders of January 16.