PFSMPeptide Finite State Machine (bioinformatics)
PFSMPersatuan Falak Syarie Malaysia (Malay: Astronomy Association of Syariah Malaysia)
PFSMPolska Federacja Sportu Mlodziezowego (Polish: Youth Sports Federation of Poland)
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The outcomes of the blind PFSM evaluations are in parentheses.
A 2 x 2 contingency table (Table 4) shows how successfully the PFSM was used to identify sedative and stimulative choices (rows 2 and 3 respectively) and the number of pieces of music it categorised as sedative and stimulative (columns 2 and 3 respectively).
This study evaluated whether or not the PFSM could be used to identify the participant's sedative and stimulative choices.
Adams' Short Ride in a Fast Machine was written for full orchestra, and it was categorised as stimulative because the PFSM supported the identification of the separate musical factors conveying the aural sensation of wrestling to control a powerful machine; constantly changing orchestral texture and sound, the energy of the harsh, accented, and broken melodic line, and dissonant harmony.
The PFSM was used to correctly categorise all the classical music.
In addition to helping music therapists identify a sedative stimulus for receptive music therapy, the development of the PFSM may assist improvising music therapists.
The PFSM generated a selection of music that reduced the mealtime agitation of those individuals under investigation (Hooper, Carson, & Lindsay, in press).
The PFSM provides a systematic method of analysis for identifying sedative music for use in receptive music therapy when individual choices cannot be taken into account.