PFSPPrecision Fluency Shaping Program (developed by Ronald L. Webster, PhD)
PFSPPhilippine Foreign Service Post
PFSPPedernales Falls State Park (Johnson City, TX)
PFSPPhysician and Family Support Program (Canada)
PFSPPartial File Sharing Protocol
PFSPPublic Facilities and Services Plan
PFSPpermutation flowshop sequencing problem
PFSPPort Facilities Security Plans (Australia)
PFSPPhysician Faculty Scholars Program (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
PFSPPartners for Financial Stability Program (Warsaw, Poland)
PFSPPhysical Fitness for Special Populations
PFSPPriestly Fraternity of St Peter
PFSPProfessional Fire Systems and Projects (UK)
PFSPPrivately Funded Scholarship Program
PFSPPatient and Family Support Program
PFSPPennsylvania Forest Stewardship Program
PFSPPeptide Fluorosurfactant Polymer
PFSPPurple-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes (Ipomoea batatas)
PFSPPartners for Sustainable Pollination
PFSPporcine focal symmetrical poliomyelomalacia
PFSPPrivate Farmer Support Project (World Bank)
PFSPProportionate Fair Share Program (Sanford, FL)
PFSPPACTOR Free Signal Protocol
PFSPPre-Freshman Summer Program (various colleges and schools)
PFSPPandemonium Free Space Port (later became MindScape BBS)
PFSPPrimes and Factors of Sum and Product
PFSPPrivate Fixed Services/Paging
PFSPPrivate Financial Services Provider
PFSPPort Facility Safety Plan
PFSPPreschool Farm Safety Program (Canada)
PFSPPATRIOT Field Surveillance Program
PFSPPurpose-Focused Specific Product
PFSPPartial Foldover of Subplot (factors)
PFSPPuente Fire and Security Protection
PFSPPipeline Facility Surveillance Program
PFSPPay for Service Program
PFSPPrickett's Fort State Park (Fairmont, WV)
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Our goal for the PFSP is to continue to grow our programs, so that we can have a similar positive effect on more and more people in the future.
Founded in 2011 with a grant from the Center for Disease Control, the PFSP now already consists of more than 350 mentors in 37 states across the U.
And the PFSP is a fantastic resource for helping people along their own unique journeys of discovery.
With a majority (85 per cent) defining their PFSP as a bank, EY described this 'as an opportune time for banks to increase advocacy and expand their customer relationships'.
Highlighting the importance of building advocacy, when searching for a PFSP, Saudi customers are most likely to rely on recommendations from friends and relatives.
Customer experience drives not only complete trust, and thus advocacy and referrals, but also the amount of business customers are placing with their PFSP.
They put a much larger emphasis on pricing and cost compared to their global counterparts, citing "finds ways to save you money", "allows you to choose from different pricing options" and "offers low cost banking options" as important engagement opportunities with their PFSPs.
As of now, all commercial maritime port facilities that have not reviewed and updated their SVAs, and resubmitted their PFSPs for recertification, have only about eight months to complete those tasks or risk falling out of compliance.
What credible security threats are most likely to be considered when port facilities are updating their SVAs for submission with their updated PFSPs for recertification by their host governments?
The AMA feels that some of the suggestions for the co-management model do not reflect a thorough understanding of the current practices and processes of the PFSP (e.
The mission of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation's PFSP is to provide critical emotional encouragement, as well as local and national information and resources to people living with paralysis, and their families and caregivers.