PFSSPotential Field Source Surface Model (magnetic fields)
PFSSPatient Financial Services System (US VA)
PFSSPartners for Study Support (Department for Education and Skills; UK)
PFSSProcess for Six Sigma (iGrafx software)
PFSSPatient and Family Support Services (Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center; Nashville, TN)
PFSSPIX (Private Internet Exchange) Firewall Syslog Server (Cisco)
PFSSProtective Force Services Subcontractor
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The WG's role is to implement the measures decided by the Board in conjunction with the PFSS team and encourage the use of and participation by professionals, while dealing with any difficulties that might arise.
The implementation process of the PFSS was gradual, starting with the Emergency Service (ER) in 2003.
For example, after two years of the director of Medicine boycotting the implementation process in his department, the nurses decided to move forward and started using the PFSS without physicians.
The integration process and the marked lack of interest from the new Board in the PFSS caused the project to diverge from its natural course.
it doesn't have the PFSS and there exists a disconnect in terms of the systems adopted.
As the authors concluded, the PFSS does have the potential to provide greater neurological assessment in the intubated and/or sedated patient based on the outcomes of our study.
This would be assessed through analysis of the interrater reliability of the PFSS used by nurses and the evaluation of the validity of the PFSS in predicting morbidity, mortality, and long-term outcomes compared with the GCS.
When doing a literature search to determine if the FOUR Score Scale was right for our children's hospital, we noted that there was no current literature on a PFSS and that there were some limitations to the previous studies related to our specific patient population.
Because of these various limitations, we planned to modify the FOUR Score Scale for pediatric patients with the goal of prospectively studying the PFSS in ICU patients at our children's hospital.
The PFSS includes (1) age appropriate responses for children, inclusive of all developmental milestones; (2) diagnosis, inclusive of sedated patients; and (3) age-appropriate respiratory rates.
We also created the PFSS with the consideration of children in each of these developmental categories who are developmentally and/or physically disabled (e.
And, since our PFSS is not specific to a medicament compound or a specific pharmaceutical company, we believe we can gain accelerated and broader market acceptance than other non-passive solutions currently available in the market.