PFTEPermanent Full-Time Equivalent
PFTEPersonal Fitness Trainer Examination (National Board of Fitness Examiners; Jacksonville, FL)
PFTEPortable Field Trainer Evaluator
PFTEPlatelet Function Test, Epinephrine (lab test)
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PFTE operates at -270[degrees]F in cryogenic or space program applications and withstands heat up to 500[degrees]F as an insulator for electronics such as thermocouples.
New applications, processing technologies and emerging market demand are bringing about robust PFTE market growth.
S to avoid corrosion and leakages through bonnettrim design:inverted type: slotted/double seated flow direction: against plug minimum body: rating :#300 leakage class: IV-METAL PLUG: SS316 Packing/gasket: PFTE V Ring+EPDM.
Watson-Marlow Launches Expanded PFTE Multi-Layer Tubings 19
When we divide that by 40 hours, we get our hypothetical lab's PFTEs for an average week: 24.
We must adjust PFTEs to reflect how paid hours are "depreciated' or diluted by nonproductive activities.