PFTSPozabirzhova Fondova Torhova Systema (Ukrainian over-the-counter stock trading system)
PFTSPervaja Fondovaja Torgovaja Sistema (Ukrainian over-the-counter stock trading system)
PFTSPre-Filing and Technical Services (US IRS)
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The value of turnover in the stock exchanges operating in Ukraine in 2008-2011 (in millions of UAH) Stock exchange 2008 2009 2010 IQ 2011 Ukrainian Stock Exchange 90,48 58,81 54,39 2,22 Stock Exchange--Innex 86,36 205,44 72,94 16,64 Prydniprovska Stock 212,2 970,39 220,16 39,41 Exchange PFTS 33991,9 13955,45 60901,26 17919,84 Kiev International Stock 1180,71 1573,49 2663,64 738,07 Exchange Ukrainian International 529,89 1796,3 1808,97 260,94 Stock Exchange Ukrainian Interbank 101,88 1828,78 1267,59 0,6 Currency Exchange Perspektiva 1374,51 11412,43 36649,58 18125 East European Stock 187,74 136,97 50,61 11,86 Exchange Ukrainian Exchange - 3288,17 27510,42 19480,85 PTIS 4,02 787,79 - - Total value of turnover 37759,69 36014,02 131199,6 56595,43 Source: www.
Ukraine's PFTS stock market index has slumped to below 40 from 100 at its launch in October, 1997 and treasury bill yields have soared to around 60 to 70 per cent.
The debt will be placed on the PFTS stock exchange.
At the 2000 PFTS Securities Conference, I was privileged to meet a member of the Government's Anti-Monopoly Committee (ACM).
The bonds will be sold on the Perspektyva and PFTS stock exchanges.
The A, B and C series debt instruments, amounting to UAH500m each, will be sold to the public in transactions running simultaneously on the PFTS bourse and on the Ukrainian stock exchange.
The OVDP market was very active contributing UAH111 mn to total volume at PFTS.
The F series debt instruments will be sold on the PFTS stock exchange.
Ukrainian domestic markets yesterday both closed in the black: PFTS added 1.
8m) worth of bonds on the PFTS stock exchange, according to information published on the bourse website today.
1m/EUR71m) and will be issued on the PFTS stock exchange, the bank said in statement to the country's securities regulator.