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PFUNDProgram for Understanding Neurological Diseases
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But Pfund et al [2] in their study had stated that in the headache group the most frequent findings were metastatic brain tumours and different astrocytomas.
The range of colors of the samples analyzed only partially represented the Pfund scale; only four of the seven colors proposed by Montenegro et al.
Hillary Clinton has been a long-standing friend and advocate for innovators both at home and abroad," said Nancy Pfund, founder and managing partner of DBL Partners.
Americans are voting with their wallets and choosing clean energy, electric vehicles, sustainable products and energy efficiency in increasing numbers, said Pfund.
Pfund views early-stage investing as an opportunity to make socially responsible practices a keystone to corporate culture.
In fact, renewables get relatively less government help, not more, than their traditional competitors ever did," Pfund and Healy wrote in their 2011 paper What Would Jefferson Do?
The State Wildlife Grant Program (Grant T 61) of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and a Louisiana EPSCoR Pfund grant provided funding for this project.
According to Map Maker program manager Jessica Pfund, users can edit and update anything from historic buildings and streets to agricultural land, the Independent reports.
Jules Verne is a Guardian[R] polymer note, produced in conjunction with Swiss banknote machinery producers KBA-NotaSys, ink producers SICPA, security printers Orell Fussli and designer Roger Pfund.
There is no national brand that is bringing organic, sustainable lawn and garden products to consumers like EcoScraps is," said Nancy Pfund, managing partner at DBL Investors.
Zum Kuchenbacken nimmt meine Mutter drei Pfund Mail.
953-65) ein Benediktinerinnen-Kloster, dem er testamentarisch 100 Pfund Silber zur Vollendung der Baumassnahmen fur Kloster und Klausur (<<monasterio et claustro perficiendo>>) hinterliess.