PFVAPolish Federation of Valuers' Associations (est. 1993; Brussels, Belgium)
PFVAPennsylvania Farm Vacation Association Inc.
PFVAPeak Flow Velocity During Atrial Systole (cardiology)
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The SBP Responding to PFVA concerns in a June 3, 2016 letter informed that after the lifting of sanctions against Iran, SBP had issued necessary instructions to all banks on February 25, 2016 according to the SRO issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that read, "These instructions clearly provide that payment and settlement on behalf of Iranian entities not on the SDN list is permissible for trade in non-sanctioned items".
Los puntos de muestreo y los respectivos parametros analizados fueron: en agua cruda (AC) los parametros 1 a 9; en efluente del PFD los parametros 2, 3, 6, 7 y 8; en efluente del PFVA los parametros 2, 3, 6, 7 y 8; en efluente de los FL, los parametros 1 a 9; y en efluente de las CP los parametros 2, 3, 7, 8 y 9.
The PTA already signed at secretary level this year, Commercial attache of Pakistan in Jakarta in a letter sent to PFVA, was scheduled to come into effect this month.
The PCSIR DG vowed full support for the upcoming national conference on horticulture being organised by the PFVA.
During a meeting with Chairman PFVA Waheed Ahmed in Islamabad on Wednesday Federal Minister for Commerce Khurram Dastgir has taken this decision.
In light of the work being done by UAF in the field of Research and Development, PFVA announced that it would bear expenses of one student perusing his PhD programme at UAF to subsequently serve the industry in the field of fruits and vegetables.
Meanwhile, the government's attitude towards promotion of mango export is not encouraging complained the former PFVA chairman he blaming the authorities.
If Pakistani exporters managed to enter Russian market it would go a long way in boosting Pakistani exports particularly food items a spokesperson of PFVA said.
The association has initiated the process of developing the national and export policy for the agriculture sector, especially for fruits and vegetables, for the next 10 years," said Waheed Ahmed, Chairman of PFVA adding the policy would be finalized next year.
Led by Chairman PFVA Waheed Ahmed, the delegation included Secretary General, PFVA Karachi, Mohammad Ilyas Khan, Aslam Phakali and Shehzad Khaliq.
PFVA would further bear cost of one student pursuing his/her PhD programme.
The agenda of this meeting was to share concern of the PFVA about the issues and roblems related to export of fruits and vegetables, share vision of the PFVA about R&D, seek technical assistance, advice and support of PCSIR in establishment of R&D facilities for the PFVA, and get familiar with their labs and research work of the PSCIR.