PFVEPaso Fino Vereinigung Europa (German: Paso Fino Association of Europe)
PFVEPeak Flow Velocity in Early Diastole (cardiology)
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5) Abbreviations used: 1 first person; 1/2 first or second person, 3 third person; ACC accusative; ADT temporal additive of a state, ASER assertive; COMP complementizer; DEF definite; DEM demonstrative; DIST distributive; STA stative; EXCL exclusive; FOC focus; HAB habitual; IND indicative; INDEF indefinite; INSTR instrumental; OBJ objective case; PAS past; PERF perfect; PFVE perfective; PL plural; POSTP postposition; PRES present; PROG progressive; rec reciprocal; REFL reflexive; sub subordinate mood; SUJ subject.