PFWCPhiladelphia Festival of World Cinema
PFWCPraise Fellowship Worship Center (Little Elm, TX)
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The feathery foil to PFWC is the six-year old Pillow Fight League, which doesn't shy from using its contenders' sex appeal to gain fans.
The PFWC rules, in accordance to the Austrians' training gym in Vienna, have two rounds of two-minute matches.
PFWC also has a project in Ethiopia, while others are looking at Tanzania and Sudan.
PFWC, which is registered in the US, will bring its first five prototype farms on line next week in northwestern Turkey.
The tenth annual PFWC will be held April 26 - May 6, 2001.
As a local film organization with film festival expertise, TLA is proud and excited to team with International House to help PFWC continue its tradition of growth and innovation, and find new and creative ways to foster our local film community.
PFWC is one of the most well-attended annual arts events in the
In short, while the number of attendees has in fact decreased over prior years, International House fulfilled its primary duty to program PFWC in a fiscally responsible way.
PFWC is an outgrowth of the media Arts Center activities which are presented year-round under the umbrella of the Neighborhood Film/Video Project of International House.
PFWC 2000 opens on April 27th with two screenings of a film shot entirely in the Philadelphia region.
Melding traditional artistry with the very latest technology in a way that is timely for the first festival of the new millennium, the Ninth Annual PFWC will feature STREAMING CINEMA -- a landmark premier program, created in collaboration with The Bit Screen, an internationally acclaimed online venue for web-based films and multimedia programs (and the first site of its kind on the Web), that will showcase a selection of film, animation and multimedia works created specifically for the Internet.
com includes the complete benefits guide, a health club locator, a national directory for personal training services, a "healthy" hotel locator that indicates hotels across the country that have exercise facilities and reduced rates for PFWC members.