PFWDPain-Free Walking Distance
PFWDPortable Falling Weight Deflectometer
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The layout of PFWD and sand cone tests in the box is shown in Fig.
PFWD Laboratory tests were performed on a typical base material (i.
PFWD testing was performed at four locations on all layers immediately after construction (as shown in Fig.
The stiffness module of the compacted layers was determined under PFWD testing.
Although 6 weeks of structured UBST produces improvements in fat percentage and strength and tends to improve PFWD, it is not as effective as a structured CER programme in producing functional improvements in patients with PVD.
2] =oxygen consumption; MWD = maximum walking distance; PFWD = pain-free walking distance; RER = respiratory exchange ratio; HR = heart rate; bpm = beats per minute; VE = ventilation; GTET = graded treadmill exercise test.
However, PFWD elastic modulus depends on several parameters of the instrument including loading drop weight, drop height, plate diameter, plate surface contact and etc that may affect PFWD results (Lin et al.
Several researches have attempted to find correlations between PFWD results with CBR values.
The elastic moduli of the compacted layers were determined under PFWD (TML model from Japan) varying test parameters.
We found that resting ABI did not predict PFWD or MWD or perception of pain during the GTT.
We also found that peak post-exercise venous lactate concentrations did not correlate with PFWD or MWD (Figs 1a and 1b).
support the contention that an improved oxidative capacity is beneficial in improving PFWD.