PFZPotential Fishing Zone (fishing population forecasting; India)
PFZPrecipitate Free Zone
PFZPesticide-Free Zone
PFZPriority Fire Zone (US Army)
PFZPoverty-Free Zone (Department of Labor and Employment; Philippines)
PFZPlaque Free Zone (periodontology)
PFZPeanut-Free Zone (school allergy safety)
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The goals of this work were to ascertain whether the SCF method was suitable for dental veneering ceramics and whether a conventional PFM veneer had a different resistance to fracture than a new PFZ veneer.
The veneer for the zirconia, Ceramco PFZ (Dentsply Prosthetics, York, PA), was designed to be used with a 3 mole % yttria stabilized zirconia (Cercon) made by the same manufacturer.
Lateral cracks around the indentation were detected for the PFZ veneer, but they were removed by the grinding.
In contrast, the semi-elliptical cracks in the Ceramco PFZ were very easy to measure.
13 MPa [square root of m]) is statistically significantly greater (50 %) than that for the PFZ veneer (0.
PFZ silicon is available in 100-150mm diameters, with up to 5,000 ohm-cm in bulk resistivity.
All statin drugs, including Pfizer's (NYSE: PFZ -- News) Lipitor can increase your chances of developing potentially fatal conditions that may lead to kidney failure.